Established in 2003, Love-Land Ministries is a faith based, non-denominational, non-profit parachurch organization dedicated to supporting and serving the needs of individuals, families and communities locally and around the world. 

Currently based in metro Atlanta, GA, Love-Land began as a fellowship group of like-minded men from  different area churches that came together to share in their faith in Jesus Christ and to support, encourage and celebrate one another through life's many experiences.

Over the years Love-Land has evolved into a diverse organization that connects and utilizes the resources, skills and talent of a dynamic network of Ministry Partners that work collectively towards a greater good for all humanity.  

Our mission is to serve the needs of the local and global community through fellowship and the Ministry of Helps.

Our vision is to make a positive and measurable impact on the lives of over one million people by the year 2023.

Leadership Team

William Cameron, B.S., B.A. -  Executive Director - wcameron@love-land.org
Gabe Banks,  B.A., J.D., M.DIV. - Director, Programs and Operation - gbanks@love-land.org
Derek Valentine, B.S., MBA - Director, Planning and Partnership - dvalentine@love-land.org  
Jermaine Cameron, B.S. - Director, Fiscal Stewardship - jcameron@love-land.org
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